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Beneath the traditional lines and elegant appearance, the Bates Dressage+ Saddle offers high performance. Innovative design and features offer increased support of your optimal position. This saddle features double-lined leather for added comfort and grip, an Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar and Flexibloc system to support for your optimal riding position.

Your horse will show a marked improvement in their freedom of movement, as world leading performance systems the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution and CAIR Cushion System offer the greatest flexibility in achieving a customised fit and fluid cushioning ensuring your horse’s absolute comfort and your peace of mind.

The Bates dressage saddle range:
•Bates Dressage Saddle featuring an Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar
•Bates WIDE Dressage Saddle designed to suit the wider horse
•Bates Pony Dressage Saddle designed for ponies and their young riders.


Black Cair, Brown Cair:

40cm, 42cm, 43cm, 44cm, 46cm:

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