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Betavet Supplements / Betavet Buildagut 1.25kg


OPTIMAL GUT FLORA: BuildaGut is a natural marine slow release supplement for horses. Derived from calcareous marine algae lithothamnion.
It contains a high fibre content with 74 naturally occurring minerals and a rich source of calcium and magnesium with added dried brewers yeast and live yeast to buffer the digestive system to assist with normalising gut flora.
Excessive stomach acid can be helped by supplementing the horse’s diet with a natural buffer as well as the provision of dietary fiber.

Lithanmion significantly contributes to these basic building blocks of an ideal gastric environment for the proliferation of healthy gut flora.

Suitable for all horses in training, competition horses, mares in foal, young stock and retired horses.

Helps protects gastric mucosa from continued exposure to stomach acids
Enables healthy gut flora- upset by manufactured diets, stress, intensive exercise, fasting and/or medications to flourish
For improved appetite, gut and intestinal health
For improved assimilation of nutrients and condition
For balanced behaviour for more consistent performance.
Does not contain actives on prohibited substance lists.
For racing rules please consult with your veterinary surgeon.


Phymalotithon Calcareum, magnesium oxide, dried yeast, flax oil, flavour, live yeast.

Each batch of BuildaGut has been tested for common feed contaminants caffeine, theobromine, hyoscine, hordenine, morphine and atropine.


Calcium 22%
Magnesium 9%
Oil 0.5%
Fibre 7.5%
Ash 72%
Protein 3%

Feeding rate:

Suitable for all horses in training, competition horses, mares in foal, young stock and retired horses.
BuildaGut can be added to feed. Ideally the daily measure should be split between at least two feeds.

One scoop = 50GMS

Foals 25-50gms
Yearlings 50-100gms
Pregnant Mares 50-100gms
Lactating Mares 50-100gms
Horses in Work 50-100gms

Available Sizes: 500gm, 1.5kg, 3kg



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